Scanxiety 11/30/2017

After 9 nine rounds of chemotherapy and a 3rd 21 day round of the Hdak inhibitor (the drug being tested on this clinical trial), tomorrow is my big scan day. Feeling so anxious (hence, the term scanxiety) but also just not at all. It’s weird. If we do not find any cancer progression, then i get to continue with the current trial i am on.  And be incredibly happy there is no cancer progression. If we do find there is more cancer, then Dr. Kalinsky will take me off this trial. And so will begin the search for a new treatment plan. So. This post will be short because i am tired and i need to be at the hospital by 9:30 am for my bone scan. Then i have a CT scan at 10 am. Then a Brain MRI at noon. (Yes, to see if there is cancer in my brain.) I had a dream earlier this week that all the cancer was gone in my liver, however there was some bone progression. We shall see. I would be over the moon to the next galaxy if we find no cancer in my liver! My oncologist will be calling me tomorrow with scan results because he will be away all next week at a Breast Cancer conference. If it’s good news, I resume chemotherapy on Tuesday and continue on the course of cold capping and chemo.

This morning I did Reiki with my friend Jen who is a Reiki master. I love going there because I always feel like some kind of healing takes place either on an emotional level, physical or spiritual. We have been peeling unwanted layers off for at least a year now, if not longer.  A purging of the mind, body and soul. Whether my body heals or not, my other “bodies” certainly are. However, i deeply believe in the mind/body connection and i see it as key to my overall health and well being. Now time to sleep. Much love to all of you.









17 thoughts on “Scanxiety 11/30/2017

  1. Heather,

    I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for the very best news tomorrow!

    Thank you for continuing to share your story! I am so inspired by your courage and incredible will!

    Sleep well and prayers for great news tomorrow!

    Alissa Niedz xo

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  2. Sending so much love and will be thinking of you and hoping and believing good results will come to you – you deserve everything good love xoxo Rachel


  3. I love you Heather and will be praying for good results today. Keep those positive vibes flowing and know that you are surrounded by love. Big warm hugs!! Lucy


  4. Dear Heather, holding you in love and light today. Prayers for that glorious healing energy to permeate every cell of your physical body. Hugs to you beautiful woman


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