Potluck and The Scenic Route

It’s been a few months since i have written here. My apologies. A lot of us speak frequently on the phone, or we text often, see each other in person (the best!) or you may see some updates on social media. If you are a new follower, welcome! I hope this page can be of some value to your life and overall well-being.

A LOT has happened since my Prince dream. (Still waiting for another appearance from the one and only.) I am still on the same chemotherapy Halaven, or otherwise known as Eribulin. My first scan to see if there is progression or not was this past Monday. Won’t know results until this Monday, May 14th when we meet with my oncologist at Sloan. If there is no progression, I will also get treated that day. If there is, I will have to stop the drug and begin a new treatment. Either way, this chemo has been harsh. My hair is gone, though i haven’t completely shaved it yet because there is some healthy looking hair by my ears so when i wear a hat it still looks like i have hair. #thelittlethings

The past few months have been all over the map emotionally. A lot of highs, a lot of lows. Let’s talk about some of the highs! A bunch of my girlfriends going back to my early NYC rock and roll days (nights!) of dancing and partying and having the time of my life, came over for a potluck. This is the 3rd time they have done this for me. They all make food and bring over to my house. We eat, drink, and be merry!!! And you will not find a group of women more fun than these wild, beautiful, colorful souls! They bring so much joy to my heart. Here is a group photo from the night. potluckladies

So glad i had the energy this evening to continue our potluck tradition. And honestly, there is nothing more helpful than bringing me food. And cleaning up! Just an FYI:-) These are truly the ladies of rock!!!!

Speaking of rock, another highlight a few weeks later, was the AS THE CROW FLIES rock and roll show to kick off their Spring tour at The Capitol Theatre!! It was nothing short of spectacular. If you know me, then you know i LOVE MUSIC, especially live music! And if you know me well, then you know i have very special place in my heart for Chris Robinson and any music he creates, going back to of course, THE BLACK CROWES! Many thanks (again!) to my brother for this one because he is the original Black Crowes fan in the family, and he turned me on to them back in the 90’s when we were just pretty young things. The Crowes broke up several years ago, which was sad, but not atypical for a band. He started a group called Chris Robinson Brotherhood, who we all know i adore and love. A few months ago, my dear friend whispered in my ear a secret that her main man was going to be playing bass with Chris for a short spring tour in a band called As The Crow Flies and they were going to be doing all Black Crowes songs! This friend (hint, she has red hair) is pictured above in potluck dinner photo. Anyways, we were laughing hysterically over how excited i was when she told me this. She knew i was going to go CRAZY! So of course since her partner was playing bass in band, we were going to show and we were going backstage! Whooo hooo!! Anyways, it all happened and the show was incredible. Many of the aformentioned ladies of rock came with us, and we partied like it was 1999!!!!! Here is a photo of Chris Robinson during show and me, Sarah and Andy (Andy Hess is the bass player extraordinaire!!) backstage after the show! Yes, I met Chris (again) and hung out with the band, and saw so many friends backstage. I realized hey! I kind of belong back here! Funny how life works. The night was on fire. Thank you again Sarah and Andy for such an amazing night!!



My friend Rich Lieberman was also there that night. He is an amazing human who also happens to be going through his own set of incredibly difficult health challenges. He has ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because he lost use of his legs, we made sure to find him before the show in the ADA section. He is set up there with his wheelchair and as he says, has “rockstar parking.” He sure does! This was a highlight for me. To see Rich, someone i have known in the music scene for years, and have a moment with him before the show. He is such an inspiration to me to live my life fully and stay in the present moment. SOOO many photos were snapped of us, and he has some better ones, but here you go! Also, his blog is called, “The Road Goes On Forever.” Check it out!! I love you, Rich!!! You are the biggest rock star of all.


Just one more fun event to recap. My birthday happened (Yay!!! Still alive!!) and instead of having the usual rager at our house, we opted for a more relaxing getaway weekend. Bill and I stayed at a B&B called The Ellis House in the North Fork of Long Island. (great rec Dad!! 3 course breakfast was delicious!!!) We also brought our bikes, the perfect way to see the many vineyards. Though I am not drinking a lot these days, i did taste and was blown away at how the quality of wines seemed to improve drastically since the last time we were there about 10 years ago. Plus, it’s just so picturesque and quaint, you almost feel like you are in Sonoma! It’s awesome.  Here is a photo we snapped on our bikes next to the beach and a sunset over a vineyard: bikephotoNORTHFORK



…And just a few more from my actual birthday of my beautiful girls and gorgeous niece and nephew. My family took me to Mount Fuji in Suffern, New York. It is truly an hibachi experience if you haven’t been. The food is very good, and the service is beyond entertaining. The restaurant also sits on top of a mini mountain. Check out those views! We had a great family night. The kids loved it! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you all! Adam, Laura, Henry, Hazel, Mom, Dad, Izzy, Abby, and Bill! My amazing family. Wish i had a group photo…..




family selfie

It is obvious i am one of the luckiest humans around despite my wretched illness. As happy as these times are, the lows have had me in bed for days and just feeling sick a lot of the time. I feel good today, which is why i finally had the energy (..and time!) to sit down and catch back up.

There are just so many things i would like to discuss including the trial i am hoping to get into… there are three we are looking at and i am on the waiting list for one. It would be so much less toxic than the chemo i am on. However, if the chemo is doing it’s job, it will be a hard decision what to do next if i get into a promising trial.

Time will tell.

I still want to share my friend Rick’s painting and interview with me. It’s so creative and simply amazing.

Also, i want to talk about my use of medical marijuana and how much the “sacred plant” has helped me with nausea and fatigue.

Alas, today is gift. Go out and enjoy it.

I love you all!







19 thoughts on “Potluck and The Scenic Route

  1. Holding space for you in my prayers and heart ❤️ 🙏 Heather❤️🙏
    I believe every cell in our body reacts to our emotions for better or for worse. Your cells are bathing in your high vibration and the flood of endorphins from all that live music (especially CR;), laughter and LOVE. 💜🎶😂🌈🌠
    Peace be with you as you await results🌻💌💓☮️✌️🙏

    Liked by 1 person

      • I would LOVE to catch a show with you!!!! And to answer your question ATCF was on fire 🔥 at the Ryman. It was a crazy last minute decision to fly to Nashville for one magical night. You message to all of us to enjoy each day has been heard and internalized. No time to waste. Celebrate life each and every day. I hear you sister❣️🌠🙏

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Super big love, admiration and healthy vibes for you Heather!! You are always in our thoughts from Colorado. Hope to see you this summer!!!💜💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Big hugs to you Sabs and healthy vibes 🙏🙏🐞☀️☀️Mt Fuji is the BEST! Our family had so many special dinners there when we were growing up! ❤️
    I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with love! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey there! Hope you felt our love and thoughts for you last weekend when we were at the Cabin w Laura. You have an amazing sister in law who would do anything for you! Your brother is pretty cool too. Sending you health and healing. You are beautiful and thank you for sharing your journey, it helps us all.
    Love, Janine (Mroziak) Dillon


  5. I loved reading about all the fun and interesting things you’ve done over the past month. You are truly an inspiration! Praying for great results on Monday!!! and for wisdom should you need to make any decisions about your treatment. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Heather!!! This was a joy to read :). I am beyond happy to know you had such a great time at the show (but of course I knew it). The weekend trip with Bill looks beautiful. It’s wonderful to see the smiles cuz damn, you deserve them. I love you!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. WOW… I so love you… and this blogpost! Thanks for the cool shout out! Love that pic!

    That was quite the amazing night and I’m with totally with you, seeing you at the show was so special. I’m also using medical marijuana and the “sacred plant” has helped me with so many symptoms. I need to vlog about that soon too.

    Love all the family photos, you all look so great!
    You keep doing you and keep bringing your Warrior game! 🙌🏼

    Love and strength always! ❤️💪🏼🌻

    Liked by 2 people

  8. What a great, lively, and love-filled post! Think about you every day from the other side of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Sending healing mojo your direction always, my friend. xoxo ~Megan


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