2 Months

I wrote this on the train this morning
– Billy

2 Months

2 months since I’ve seen your face
2 months since that day
2 months of loneliness
2 months of empty space

You’re a ghost now
A wisp in the wind
A breath from the angels’ wings
A ripple on the lake

2 months feel like 2 minutes and 2 years
2 months of non-stop tears
2 months before, it was gonna be OK
2 months now since I’ve seen your face

Aching, deep and constant
Breathing helps me move
2 months since I’ve seen your face
And it’s still just the start




16 thoughts on “2 Months

  1. Your pain is so palpable. Seeing her name in my texts. Going to call her to ask a question forgetting for a second she is gone. Think of you guys every day.


  2. Bill, my heart aches for you. You were her breath of fresh air and she was yours. When Heather passed she took a big part of you with her. It’s not going to be easy to feel whole again but your beautiful daughters, loving family and amazing friends will help to put you back together. You will keep Heather’s memory alive forever and always. Take care of yourself. You are very needed. Love you.


  3. Oh how I wish there were words that could take away your sadness. How I wish you could just see her face again. Keep on keeping on Bill you are doing her proud for sure!


  4. Bill,
    Sending love and goods vibes your way. We miss Heather. We miss you. Let your daughters give you strength. Hoping we can make it to see you at Holiday jam.


    • Oh my dear SON, how beautiful your tribute to Heather is!!
      As I have said before – to love AND be loved is the greatest
      happiness – and you and Heather loved and were loved.
      Keep doing what you have been doing – you have wonderful
      friends helping you. “Mama Jean”


  5. Bill, This is so beautiful and so true. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. When my brother died I think I cried every day for a year. There’s no filling that void especially with someone as light and bright as Heather. Just know you’re not alone and we all appreciate you sharing your love for Heather with us. I have her pin with her picture from the service in my toiletries bag. I forgot to take it out after our trip to NJ. I love it because I travel a lot and I just pick her up. It’s this shock of love and a reminder to be bigger and more generous than I feel maybe in the moment. Thinking and loving on the Ogg/Sabella family. Sara

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  6. This was so moving. The expression of your loss helps me with it in my life. When I think “I cannot imagine your sadness,” I now do. Thank you. And Even though we’ve never met, I send you love and peace.


  7. We went to hear music last night and I thought of Heather the whole time. I think about her every day. Our morning glories bloomed this weekend and bam. It just makes my heart hurt to miss her so much and think about how you are feeling. I know there’s a lot of beauty in the world, and Heather’s legacy is a testament to that, but I wish she were here.


  8. Bill, my heart aches for you. I know how you are suffering. Please know you are loved and admired. You have been a rock for your children and Heather’s family. Let your friends repay your and Heather’s friendships.

    Love always, Aunt Peggy


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