Holidays & Jams

Hi All.  Well, Christmas has come and gone, and the girls and I hope you all are healthy and happy.  I, for one, am happy to have Christmas behind us for now.  It was a little easier than I anticipated, after November being a bit of a crush with my birthday, Thanksgiving, and then Izzy’s birthday – a 1-2-3 punch in the gut of milestones.  Not that there was any shortage of tears over Christmas, just that the freight train of grief was mercifully a few cars shorter than it had been.

Some of that, in part, was due to Heather’s brother Adam and I participating last week in the 2nd Annual NYC-Freaks Action Network Holiday Jam in Brooklyn, with 50% of funds raised going to Metavivor in Heather’s name and 50% to Cycle for Survival in honor of Michael Zucker, another dear friend we lost this year to cancer.  Between the tickets sold, a raffle, and a silent auction, well over $10,000 was raised!

The night was special for many reasons, beginning with the fact that it was my first night “out” in many, many months – we’re coming up on almost 5 months since we lost Heather, and obviously we weren’t exactly getting out much for a few months before that either.  I could not have chosen a better group of people to be with either – so many close friends, the NYC-Freaks who have been a part of our musical lives for 18 years, my brother-in-law, all of the other amazing musicians.  And without question, the spirits of Heather and Michael.  What a night.  We were honored to begin the evening as an acoustic duo, each singing new songs written since Heather’s passing, and then a couple oldies from our days in BUTTER.   There are some videos of our tunes below (thanks Rick!).  The sold-out crowd was amazing, packed right up to the stage, truly listening to every note – made us feel like real rock stars.  And personally, I felt a bit of a turning point in this whole grief process.  The healing powers of music is real.  Thank you, my friends, I needed that.

Love to All.


9 thoughts on “Holidays & Jams

  1. Hey Bill! Sending love this holiday and always to you and the girls and Heather’s whole family. Our thoughts were with you for the show and we are so glad it proved to be a night of healing and a success for the donations. We miss you all lots and appreciate the updates. All our love, the Balds


  2. Love you Bill. Glad we got to celebrate Heather and see you and Adam rock out. You guys sounded great. Looking forward to hopefully the next time.


  3. You and your family know Heather is never out of our thoughts and prayers! Music always seems to heal our souls, maybe for people who need it most., Sorry we did not see you on Xmas! Give those girls a big kiss for us! Linda and Malcolm


  4. Every day I ask how Heather would want me to behave . It always leads me to a better place. I am so happy that you and Adam are carrying on the music . It helps us all heal a little bit.


  5. Thank you, Bill, for continuing the tradition. It’s nice to still see ‘Heather’s’ emails pop up in my inbox, makes me feel connected, somehow. Her light shines on. Much love to you and your family as you navigate the tumultuous waters left in the wake of Heather’s passing. We are all better for having known her. xoxo ~Megan


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