Catching Up With The Oggers…

So it has been a long time since I’ve updated Heather’s blog, and I feel pretty bad about that.  Life has been busy and full of adventures and plenty of regular old stuff too.  Izzy and Abby are both doing really well and back into the full swing of Fall.  School and soccer, soccer and school.  Somehow our little Bordeaux Baby Izzy is in 7th grade, and Abby is in 4th in a new school that she can walk to.  She and her squad are loving their newfound freedom and hitting Krauzer’s or Starbucks on the daily in the afternoons walking home.  Sweet Miss Rosalee is healing up nicely from ACL surgery last week – she’s a maniac sometimes, and I guess that just comes with the territory!


First Day of School, 2019

This past winter, Heather’s brother Adam convinced me to get season’s ski passes to Belleayre in the Catskills near their cabin.  This was, by far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  We were up there a LOT, nearly every weekend, and not only got to spend time with Adam and Laura and the kids, but also our dear friends Erin and Matt and Vivi and Declan, the Midlers, and even some other Ramsey families too (looking at you, Schneiders!).  Skiing and boarding was a blast and nature was so therapeutic for us all.  Missing my cold, snowy nightly walks down to the Stony Clove with Rosalee!  I honestly really regret not doing this while Heather was alive.  I’ve learned a lot of deep and important lessons this past year, not the least of which is we have to live NOW while we can.

Speaking of living NOW, in February, we had our first big family ski vacation – to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Heather and I first met way back in the Summer of 1996.  It was the girls first time there, and my first time back since New Years’ 1998.  Heather and I always talked about going back and taking the girls, but that unfortunately never manifested.  From a skiing-skill perspective, I honestly don’t think the girls would have appreciated nor fully enjoyed it until now anyway.  We flew out on the 15th of the month, and a couple days prior, I got an email from JH that it was ALREADY the snowiest, deepest February in resort history.  Oh hell yeah, that had me frothing at the mouth for the steep and deep!  We were on the mountain for 6 straight days.  We rode together the first day, all getting acclimated to the powder, elevation, and thin air.  The girls had a full day lesson the second day and loved it so much they asked to do it again.  I had no problem with that, cause it gave me the opportunity to hit the mountain solo all day hitting the really steep stuff, hiking the headwall a couple times, and just going wherever the spirit  and my snowboard moved me.  Every once in a while, I would just stop and sit completely alone in total silence in the woods and feel her all around in the trees and the mountains and the crystalline snowflakes floating around me.  Kiss the mountain air we breathe, indeed!!  Our friends Ana and Sean also made the trip out for a few days; it was so great spending quality time with them and riding a day on the mountain with Sean.  Pro move grabbing beers for the tram line, man!  By our last day, the girls were skiing nearly every run on the mountain (Corbet’s Couloir next year, ladies?).  It was an amazing bonding time with them, and I am so proud of those two shredders!!  To paraphrase the tshirts, don’t follow us on the mountain, you might not survive!

OK, here’s the kicker.  Shortly after I booked this trip, Heather’s favorite band in the land, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, announced a show in Jackson Hole the same friggin’ week we were going to be there!  What??!!  Is the air getting thinner?  Are we getting high?  Well hell yes, of course I’m going to the show.  Huge thanks to Kevin and Chad for hooking me up with the meet and greet with the band before the show.  They all knew Heather from her many times seeing their shows over the years, and I really wanted to explain the significance of Jackson Hole to our relationship and how I had brought our two girls out to experience the wonder of it all and the spiritual vortex of this place.  They totally got it, big hugs ensued all around, and then the boys proceeded to rip the roof off the Pink Garter Theatre, even ending the second set with a killer version of Rosalee.  Try and tell me that Heather wasn’t out there making that all happen…


Rest in Peace, Neal Casal.  You were a beautiful human spreading nothing but love and joy through your music.  You made the world a better place.  I know you and Heather are sitting around a fire getting deep with the universe and playing in the Angels’ Band.  We miss you, Brother



We had a pretty good summer too.  Two weeks of Broadway acting camp and two more of sleep-away camp for the little ladies, some trout fishing and R&R for me in the Catskills, lots of fun road trips – including down to Virginia again for friends in Alexandria and Williamsburg, my Dad at Arlington National Cemetary,  roller-coasters and waterslides, a party with the First Colony Posse on the James River (Thank you Mr and Mrs White for your hospitality!), some guitars and beautiful sunsets, a super fun stop on the way home in Baltimore with Ana and Sean, a hippie love fest Labor Day weekend with friends at Robin’s farm in Sundown NY (hooray for pink BB guns!!), and capped with a BBQ here at home with some awesome new friends.



Cone of Shame!!


Yes, we still have our Morning Glories!  Heather is always all around us.

We hope you’re all in good spirits and health.  As Izzy has always said, “Love To All.”


I left this message at the Snake River Brewpub our first day in Jackson

11 thoughts on “Catching Up With The Oggers…

  1. Thank you for the beautiful writing Bill. I am so happy to know you are all doing well. We love you all and hope to see you soon. Hugs brother!! Luis

    On Sun, Sep 15, 2019 at 11:47 AM Dear Cancer, I Bet You Think this Blog is About You wrote:

    > hsabella posted: “So it has been a long time since I’ve updated Heather’s > blog, and I feel pretty bad about that. Life has been busy and full of > adventures and plenty of regular old stuff too. Izzy and Abby are both > doing really well and back into the full swing of Fall.” >


  2. Reading this just made my day! Glad to hear you and the girls are carrying on with Heather’s spirit and presence so close to you all. We love you guys-keep the updates coming!


  3. Such a beautiful update! It’s wonderful to hear about all the healing adventures you four have been on this past year. Your stories make my heart happy ❤️🥰. Love to you guys and thinking of Heather always


  4. Thank you for this wonderful update! Happy to see you’re all doing well! The girls look beautiful! Glad Ms. Rosalee is back on the mend.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing… this is beautiful. Heather’s energy is everywhere ❤️

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  6. Yes, awesome writing, like Izzy said. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. Heather’s spirit lives on and connects us all. ❤️ ~Megan


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