Scanxiety 11/30/2017

After 9 nine rounds of chemotherapy and a 3rd 21 day round of the Hdak inhibitor (the drug being tested on this clinical trial), tomorrow is my big scan day. Feeling so anxious (hence, the term scanxiety) but also just not at all. It's weird. If we do not find any cancer progression, then i … Continue reading Scanxiety 11/30/2017

Cold Capping and Chemo

Everyone is always asking me how i am feeling, so i would like to address this. I am feeling pretty darn good!  My 8th chemo was this past Friday. My next one will be on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. What is astounding is that i still have my hair. Why do I still have … Continue reading Cold Capping and Chemo

Yoga Bliss Fundraiser and METAvivor (Not a pink event)

All are invited to come this Sunday, October 29, 6:30-8pm to Yoga Bliss! Will be hosting a fundraiser, along with my dear friend Amanda Lohman Yeu. She will be teaching gentle yoga and meditation at U-Yoga, 327 Franklin Avenue in Wyckoff, NJ. My reiki healer, Jen Edelson, (another local mom/friend/amazing human) may be showing up … Continue reading Yoga Bliss Fundraiser and METAvivor (Not a pink event)